Picton Castle

The Rhos,


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We visited the Family Magical Christmas event and it was beautiful. The house was decorated beautifully and the staff were all friendly and made it a special occasion. Also pleased to see traditional Christmas decorations throughout the house and Christmas Carol themes, so good to see the true meaning of Christmas being depicted. As for Santa well he is the best one I have EVER been to visit, he just topped the whole thing off brilliantly. Well done to all involved and thank you for your hard work to make it so special, you can see a lot of effort went into it. Merry Christmas 

Sarah P.

A beautiful setting for a very magical Christmas experience. The children were mesmerised and the attention to detail with the Santa experience was fantastic! They were particularly taken with the magic in the elves workshop and the Christmas trees and decorations in the house were really beautiful. I would fully recommend it- it's made our Christmas!

Lucy V.

We all enjoyed the most fantastic father Christmas experience in beautiful castle surroundings. Not knowing what to expect we took the whole family and every one of us was amazed by how well done the whole experience is. It was all extremely personal and the kids loved it. We should have turned up earlier to explore the castle grounds as was dark after the whole experience was complete. Highly recommend to everyone. The best Father Christmas experience we had all ever done.

Emily W.

Such a lovely experience, I took my 3 year old and she LOVED it 😍.  She was absolutely lost for words when she went in to met Santa as the room and the great man himself were just made so real for the children. I loved how much effort went into making it personal to each child as well by asking questions when booking so Santa knew exactly what to talk about. Beautiful experience and very Christmassy ♥️.

Rachel W.

Wow, this was a really wonderful experience and I can’t recommend enough if you want a magical Santa experience . The staff were amazing and the attention to detail in Santa’s workshop and magic tricks really captivated my son . Santa himself was the best I had ever seen . We particularly want to thank Papa Tinsel Bottom ( you know who you are ) for making this tour especially memorable for my son Dylan and his elf Freddy . Thank you all so much and see you next year !

Helen M.

Another magical Santa visit at Picton Castle. A beautiful setting, fantastically decorated and hosted by an amazing cast of Christmas characters. One of our children gets overwhelmed on these occasions and everyone was attentive to their needs and kept stepping in and engaging them in the experience when they needed it. In other venues the Santa visit has been missed following stressful queuing and over excitement. Here it is enjoyable from start to finish. The opportunity for Santa to pass on personal praise to each child is wonderful. I love the traditional stocking and Maverick is thrilled to now have a matching pair! Thank you so much!

Lisa C.